R&D department began its activities in the following areas:

- Establishment of active laboratories to perform physical, chemical and microbiological tests for raw materials and products.

- Establishment of Quality Management System to assure the quality in the all processes of production.

- Preparation and development of new raw material and use in products.

- Formulation and supply of new cosmetic and hygienic products based on   community health demands.

R&D department attempts to perform extensive researches on the products especially medicinal herbs and by relying on valid references and sources  including scientific articles as well as international invention registration has had a significant role in the improvement and production of new products. The result of these studies and researches is obvious in the production of new six products that the company recently has got the standards and related certifications for these products from Food & Drug Organization.

- Applying the studies of R&D, physical stability, quality control and further tests are performed in the next steps to study the therapeutic effects of new products.

- After all the above steps, to get the required certifications, the products will be presented to the related organizations. Finally, with regard to the type of product it will be offered to the marked with an appropriate packaging.

 R&D achievements:

- Study on the properties of more than 50 medicinal herbs as well as extraction of the herbs and use of some of these extractions in the product.

- Setting up of the plants extraction division aims at self-sufficiency of the company in the production of high quality extractions and essences.

-  Establishment of an equipped and updated filtration system to supply transparent extracts with no sediment.

-  Decolorization and deodorization of the extracts used in the products.

- Reduction of the production costs by supplying the used extracts in the factory.

- Production of the 12 high quality new products that has been offered to the market with the brand of “Herbex”.

- Needs assessment and prototype of more than 10 products and getting the manufacturing certification for these products.

- Documentation and compilation of studies and research results.