Green Tea Shampoo

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Exclusive Formulation

- Prevention & treatment of androgenic hair loss

- Reduces excess sebum

- Effective in treatment of dandruff

- Regulates sebum production on the scalp

- Strengthens hair growth

Green tea is the wonder of nature for living younger. Green tea comes from the dried leaves of “Camellia sinesis”. The catechines are the important compounds found in the unfermented tea leave which have prominent antioxidant properties. The antioxidant effects of the plant are greater than Vitamin C and 20 times stronger than Vitamin E. Green tea is the inhibitor of 5α-reductase enzyme and may be useful in the prevention or treatment of androgenic alopecia. In addition it is useful in treatment of seborrhea. The application of Green tea by acting on an enzyme called caspase 14-an enzyme will be useful as possible treatment for dandruff.

Volume: 250 ml