Our Policy

Dr.Jahangir Pharmaceutical & Hygienic Company with over 30 years experience in the production of pharmaceutics and cosmetic products, to success in domestic and foreign markets, expresses its policy according to the technical and quality principles of standard ISO 9001:2008 as follows:

- Increasing the quality of products

- Applying HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) principles to secure personnel’s health in the workplace and to protect the environment

- Developing customer oriented culture in all organization levels  and try to reach customer satisfaction by applying CMR (Customer Relationship Management)

-  improving awareness and knowledge of personnel by applied and strategic training

- Increasing employee involvement and participation in decision making

-  Applying Integrated Management System (IMS) and modern information technologies for the enhancement of company’s performance

Further commitment to provision of required sources for all mentioned above, I expect all colleagues will help us to achieve the objectives.


Dr.Hossein Jahangir

Managing Director & Chairman of the Board